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Didim In Earthquake-stricken Students The Joy Of A Report Card

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After the earthquakes that took place in Van, earthquake students who were placed in Aydın's district of Didim experienced the excitement of the report card.

Following the earthquake disaster in Van, 35 female and 40 male 75 Van students, who were placed in Arif Nihat Asya Primary School in Didim, took their carats at the end of the first half of the 2011-2012 academic year.

The school principal, Sezai Kocar, stated that all the students are very valuable, but that the students who came to Van from the middle of the semester are worthy of being able to overcome the difficulties of getting traumatized as well as coming to a different neighborhood in a short period of time.

Koçar stated that the students who came from Van were successful in their lessons and said that 'Students from earthquake victims who survived the earthquake trauma in a short period of time and they have shortly coalesced with our other students in our school.We have a successful education period.In the second semester, said.

Classroom teacher Selma İnan pointed out that the students from Van never had an easy process and said, 'They changed their places, they left their homes, their schools, their friends and they do not want to be here in a strange place. I am hopeful in the period, 'he said.

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