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Chp Didim For The Election Of Delegates Began

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Nearly 2,700 members registered with the CHP Didim District Organization went to the polls for 174 delegates and 306 pre-electors.

Delegation elections in the CHP Didim District Organization started. The delegate elections, which started on 1 February, will be final on 4 February 2012. 2 towns, 5 villages, and 9 neighborhoods in the central district, went to the polls for 174 delegates and 306 pre-electors, close to 2700 members.

While the members showed great interest in the elections of the delegates in the party, the Mayor of the Didim, Mimar Kamacı, followed the elections of the delegates in the party. 11 Delegates in Akyeniköy Beldesi, 18 Delegates in Akbük District, 30 Delegates in Akbük District, 7 Delegates in Akköy, 11 Delegates in Akköy, 4 Delegates in Balat Village, 7 Delegates in Batıköy, 2 Delegates in Batıköy, 2 Preselectors in Denizköy A total of 174 Delegates - 306 preselectors, 2 Delegates - 3 Preselectors in Yalıköy, 2 Delegates - 2 Preselectors in Didim District Center - 128 Delegates - 239 Preselectants

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