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Didim Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities Map Of Didyma

Antik Kentler Listesi

  •  en ancientcity milet ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      Genius and the ancient theatre kalıntılarıMilet (classical Greek: Μίλητος, Miletos and Latin Miletus) West of Anatolia, the Aegean region (the classical name Meander) Büyük Mende...

    57638 02
  •  en ancientcity efes ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      Efes (Ephesus), 6000 years BC, Polished Stone age based on the Organization, things to do in Selçuk 3 km away from the biggest cities of the time.    Neolithic Efes       in 1996...

    17919 01
  •  en ancientcity euromos ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      On the way to Milas from söke Milas Euromos 12 km on the outskirts of the ancient city of Kimiko Hill remain. Euromos reached the most effortless in the ancient cities of the anc...

    16555 01
  •  en ancientcity didyma ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      The ancient Ionia (Ionia) consisted of 12 cities. These are Miletos, Priene, Melia, Myus, Ephesos, Colophon, Lebedos, Teos Klazomenai, Phokaia, Khios and Erythraidir. One of the ...

    42385 01
  •  en ancientcity myus ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      On the shores of Lake Bafa, Miletosun 15km. East of Avsar Village.The member of the    Ion Union was perhaps the poorest and least important of the twelve cities, Myus. In this r...

    21689 01
  •  en ancientcity nysa ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      In the region of the ancient Carian city of Nysa, Aydin – Denizli Highway, 30 km east of Aydin Sultanhisar district located 3 km northwest of the city. NYSA of Augustus, and info...

    12718 0
  •  en ancientcity harpasa ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      Harpasa, the ancient city of Aydın province, in Nazilli Township is located within the boundaries of the Hyde. The city is built on a high Hill, is an old Carian town. The city i...

    14887 0
  •  en ancientcity gerga ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      This placement is hosted by the wonderful Valley of the Çinenin, a very different character. This is not a village, and larger, but is so remarkable and unusual ruins, charming t...

    14937 0
  •  en ancientcity priene ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      Priene Aydın Söke'de Ephesus is an Ionian (Ancient Greek) city located about 100 km away. The city is 10 km north of the Menderes river. When the city was established, it was on ...

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  •  en ancientcity alabanda ancient city

    Antikkent Açıklaması

      Alabanda ancient city Aydın province, China County, within the borders of the village of Doğanyurt. Located on the ancient city of Alabanda Araphisar Doğanyurt is a neighborhood ...

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