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Those Pictures Will Be Saved?

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 8-thousand-year-old rock paintings five finger mountains there
 the 8 thousand-year-old rock paintings five finger Mountains, Tan in gravel.  The German team is trying to save the pictures.  
 Lake Bafa is the most beautiful on the banks of Western Anatolia is one of the ancient city of Herakleia, investigating German Archaeological Institute Dr. Latmos.  Anneliese Peschlow-Bindokat, launched in the region in the early 1990s, surveys thousands of various parts of the five finger mountains rock official.  M. D.  6 thousand – m. d.  5 get in the first half of these rock paintings near eastern archaeology is one of the greatest discoveries in the last period of the critics.  However, this unique cultural treasure of Turkey in recent years, the license number is skyrocketing because of stone (feldspar) January is in danger of extinction.  This does not prevent a unique country tourism and culture region with unique values to whatever you were back again.  Dr.  Tekin, later in this topic to UNESCO and conservation has prepared a detailed report to the Board.  

 He said GPRS device mountain peak is such images around the rocks trying to ascertain individual Tekin,  "gravel is going on in the world's most important cultural heritage Tan " on my site.  According to subject and language of pictures still Peschlow, rock art in a world first.  
 Latmos, was one of Anatolia's holy mountain.  1400 meters Summit was a fertility cult in ancient times.  surveys in the region since 1974 Dr..  Anneliese Peschlow this rock paintings in the 1990s.  Babu manufacturer a peasant by first Petchlow pictures discovered when they may have seemed to the Byzantine-era frescoes.  However, with villagers rocks Peschlow images on when you see a great wonder.  Pictures first like people's drawings.  As many rock and disappeared into their research by this kind of pictures.  Scientific studies on these pictures for years, deepened and their 8 thousand 500 years ago were going to have documented.  

 The last few years in this area, glass, ceramics, welding electrodes and the raw materials used in the paint industry that removed seven of the feldspar quarry was opened.  You can also reference to the opening of a large number of my woe was held in January.  Cookers had collected rocks from the mountain gravel for raw materials.  That's the danger starts here.  
 Which is thousands of years of masterpiece with moving pictures is unknown, Tan, this is turning into twos gravel rocks.  
 UNESCO report

 Peschlow Tan started in the hands since the beginning of the summer to be given allow GPRS device visiting the mountain top pictures from the location fields began to mark on the map.  350 were found to separate point 1050 full picture.  Dr.  From UNESCO and Muğla and Aydın Protection Boards peschlow field is preparing a report for the rescue.  Determining the coordinates on the map with a GPRS device that points to the page to be protected.  
 There are people in those pictures occurrence stage
 Dr.  Anneliese Peschlow some carriage returns from the report are as follows:
 Latmos mountains from the Neolithic in archaeological findings and remains until the Ottoman period.  The most important of these finds, m. d.  6 thousand – m. d.  5 get in the first half of the rock paintings, Anatolian Prehistory Archaeology the largest discovery of the last decade in between.  Rock paintings documents are a crucial step in human history.  
 People who make tremendous steles in Göbeklitepe near Sanliurfa more hunter – gatherer community when the last living resident of villagers being (Neolithic revolution we call event) from the rock in the Latmos mountains, people since that time is understood what kind of stages towards the occurrence.  
Such as Built-in layout Illustrated novel transition as a provider of life in family and family woman.  This is the subject of the rock paintings: a community of people, family, male-female relationship, mother and child.  In these pictures the scene of violence towards animals and human need.  Rock paintings are scattered around the Mountain Summit finds place and hence there are no relation to the cult of fertility.  Where images are formed as a result of natural formations or abrasion is the inner surface of the rock, and because of this, the rock paintings of this mountainous region of rename.  Latmos, rock paintings and rock art in the world of painting language only has the feature of being, and therefore we can mention from theculture of Latmos.  Turkey's sole culture
 this treasure is currently in danger of extinction.  Feldspar quarries operating for many years, and Barbar seen north of and around remote wounds.  At present, an important place is the sanctuary of the same reasons in terms of cultural tourism has lost its appeal.  But now have rock paintings of Latmos to nature like no other where the core zone is about to be destroyed.  

Open-air museum
 very important In rock paintings, including the 8700 acre on the North-East of Lake Bafa and a large area is divided into parcels around the opening of mines.  No matter what conditions must be blocked immediately.  Otherwise full unopened, culture and tourism, yet nature carries the distinction of being single and a kind of open air Museum of prehistory is the nature of this region is not back again will be lost.  

  Canterbury Cathedral and important as Çatalhöyük  

for the protection of the rock paintings at Latmos, the Archaeology and Art Magazine Editor archaeologist Nezih Basgelen said:  "Dr.  By the early 1990s, surveys initiated in the region in the five finger mountains, thousands of rock official.  At least as important as the findings of Çatalhöyük Göbeklitepe.  Required protection zones and measures cannot be created in the near future, this unique rock paintings taşocaklarınca rough hand.  "(Radikal-ELAHI)

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