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Kubalic Artisan Cooperatives Reiterated Confidence In Didim

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Ali İhsan Kubaliç, the current Co-operative President who joined as the sole candidate for the Ordinary General Assembly of Didim Artisans and Craftsmen Credit Surety Cooperative renewed his trust.

Didim Artisans and Craftsmen Credit Surety Cooperative was held at the Ordinary General Assembly. Didim Municipality Wedding Hall Didim Mayor Mümin Kamacı, Didim Chamber of Artisans and Artisans Chamber Yaşar Pektaşoğlu, Didim Chamber of Commerce President Ufuk Döver, Aydın-Muğla Laborers Artisans and Artisans Credit Surety Regional Union Chairman Necip Saraç, Aydin Chamber of Drivers Chairman Semih Özmeriç , Political party district presidents, Provincial General Assembly and Municipal Assembly members, co-operative members and co-operative members of the surrounding towns and districts attended the invitations.

Necip Saraç, Chairman of the General Assembly, and Aydin-Muğla Laborers and Craftsmen Credit Surety Regional Union Chairman. After reading the silence and reading of the National Anthem, the activity report and the report of the charity fund were read. The reports were adopted by a vote of unity.

After the speech, Ali İhsan Kubaliç, the head of the Didim Artisans and Craftsmen Credit Guarantee Cooperative, stated that they were trying to provide the best service as a co-operative and said, 'You are us and you are not satisfied with us, but if the file of the applicants for the loan is full on Wednesdays We have tried to bring our cooperatives to some places and we will continue to keep it. '

Following the speech, the issue of structuring the debts that existed on the agenda was discussed and accepted by the vote. Then the election passed. Existing President Ali Ihsan Kubalic was elected president again in the open elections held with a single list. A. Kadir Murtaza, Tahir Karaosman, Çağlayan Çakır and Emin Gümüş took part in the new board of directors. Ahmet Karaoglu and Eyüp Elçim were elected to the Audit Committee. Ali İhsan Kubaliç, Tahir Karaosman and Çağlayan Çakır were elected to the Union.

Speaking after the election, President Kubalic thanked members for expressing his satisfaction that he had been elected for four more years. The voting members in the election were distributed towels for the 20th year of the cooperative.

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