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2 Olive Summit Meeting In Didim

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 Didim Olive Summit and the second was hosted by the City Council of Didim.  The second meeting was held
 Didim Olive Summit.  Deputy Mayor of Didim meeting Suleyman Insecto, Akbük Mayor Joseph Decamp, Didim City Council President Amjadi, Didim district of food agriculture and livestock Director Eason, Olive enterprises owners and manufacturers are Bamfo Imperial, Nurcan Anand, Magadan, Ayhan Kara, Ahamed Çolakoğlu and Olatunji Barbar.  

 The meeting's opening speech, Amjadi 17-18 hosted by March 2012, in City Council made Turkey gave information about City Councils Platform Meeting.  First of all, for their support in our district that olive oil producers thank you Alva
 ' guests who attended the meeting, we gave each of olive oil.  The discussants also prepared and custom-pressed instead of a plaque on the names written by the olive oil.  Turkey to get the four of this olive oil.  At the meeting, Didim and olive oil-themed section in Didim olive production reached the point in.  After the meeting, participants learn the cities developing Olive sector in Didim.  Burhaniye, Ayvalik Town Councils also received the olive way, unless we want about boutique businesses will help us.  I thank my friends who support us olive oil producer, he said.  
 Nurcan Anand, ' I would like to thank our President of the Council.  Zeytinyağlarımız now Didim started bringing out sound.  Didim-Didim in restaurants in olives and olive oil to be offered.  Our guests come here to taste our oil, he said.  
 Bekir Imperial is in Turkey ' large firms by researching their market share would be that our market share we have what our research, ' he said.  
 Magadan, 27-28, scheduled for September in Didim Olive Festival Didim suggested joining up with cold-pressed.  Olive Festival of racing in hot-pressed olive oil of the provincial or District 27, indicates that Mumcu ' cold extracted with solid fan Didim will be signing a policy about this, '' he said.  

 Didim district of food agriculture and livestock Director Eason Olive Festival in various competitions, festivals have a say in what to do besides olive oil cooking contest would take place in the program, he said.  One month after the end of the meeting participants Akbük Municipality hosted a meeting to do packing expert to be invited to speak at the Secretariat of the work of city and decided to execute.  

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