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Didim Chamber Of Commerce And Chamber Of Trades Emiroglu Visit From Mo

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  Didim Governor Ersin Emiroglu, return visit within the scope of Didim Trade Room and visited the administration of Didim Chamber of tradesmen and artisans.  
 Governor Beat him Didim Chamber of Commerce President Horizon Ei, Parliament Chairman Semino and members of the Board of directors by.  Details about visiting the Horizon due to visit President Beat room expressed their satisfaction, while ' Didim Chamber of Commerce during their tenures as we wish.  Didim is a more advanced tourism city, and more livable city in the name of good projects that I believe we can take.  Didim Chamber of Commerce as we will always be kaymakamımızın supporter.  
 It is hereby, on behalf of myself and the Chamber of Commerce Management themselves, once again, our district welcome, we wish you success. '' he said.  
 Governor Ersin Emiroglu said in a statement the visit in ' from the first day we appointed people to our town of Didim and pay close attention to and support we have seen from our premises we are happy, the better job we do for power.  When we create a culture of working together başarılmayacak there are no jobs.  In this sense we do good with what I believe is the head of the institution in Didim Chamber of Commerce.  The main goal of all our work is the development of Didim and their close to us on behalf of the people of happiness, Didim, hospitality and for their support to the head of the ministries of Commerce and beat the horizon and Board members thank you very much. '' he said.  
 Didim Governor Ersin Emiroglu is the second stop of Didim Chamber of tradesmen and artisans.  
 Governor Ersin Emiroglu the Didim Chamber of tradesmen and artisans Yasar Pektaşoğlu, Room 2.  President Allen Bang and Board Member Text Dean.  Governor of intimate speaking last visit Didim Ersin Emiroglu return visit within the scope of such visits, saying what you did, ' institutions and organizations share our thoughts by making visits.  Artisan rooms in this sense is the basis of the system of ahi.  In this system, the basis of the trade.  In this sense, we are closely following the work of our room.  I wish your work, ' he said.  
 Didim Chamber of tradesmen and artisans is President of live Pektaşoğlu Room recently ISO 9001 document recalling ' Room since its establishment continues to work for its members.  In this context, the Fund created us.  We give our students scholarship here, we are in help.  We've created this sense of our system.  Particularly after the ISO document
 for the members our Also courses will start.  Other ways we are continuing on a regular basis the functioning of the room. '' he said, and expressed his satisfaction from the visits.  

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