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Consideration When Buying Property In Didim

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  Many people have been receiving the housing experience. Housing must be done while based on my experience and my own idea as I write and I wish to help you. You might want to get the most important things when buying a residential property, the request must be committed and the needs and determine the best.    Requests, needs and possibilities, you need to decide by düşun together. When deciding on your social life, your family, your kids, your preferences, your needs, your budget is not necessarily needs to be taken into account. According to them first of all to live in the area (location) you must choose among the alternatives to your requests and budget will make happy parallel options. After this research, you decide to include the border must start looking for and Choudhary.   

We are determined, as far as personal experience are between 4 and 10 when deciding those who decided to complete the real estate gorüp average see 15-20 believe that we still have failed to provide real estate decision. Therefore, this is hard for people who decided to get a real estate job in the search process that determined if they are telling you they're not hopeless. It is very important to the area's real estate you get ID. In the surroundings are made available and the projects and supply-demand balance, unit numbers in the region play an important role in the determination. Thought to be taken or received care in which immovable property project, legality, social opportunities and price are important factors that determine the segments are investment. the city's land-use regulations   

Also, thought to be the city's growth and development direction for other factors that affect the value of the immovable property investment. Housing the most important points to note when buying a recap; Do your research I invested bosom official burned ' If you do not want to say no matter what anyone says below, you should personally and/or research you must have an Earth. I personally suggest you do. Do you like to see and learn the address of the property you intend to seriously open to receive and obtain the deed. the deed to the property ' irtifakı '    fold or preferably ' ownership '. Land which is the subject of a Dominion of the Earth but first consulted and do not buy without understanding the risks. Settlement of the estate. (He returned to the deed of settlement document ownership already exists) The property is located of the estate before soundstrip must-visit and on any takyidat so legal restriction (mortgage, usufruct, demolition, antiquities registration ... etc) should be viewed whether or not. seen the amount of shares you own    the title deed and check the amount of the total shares of the property. (Does your apartment does understand the appropriate amount of shares falls does not fall) If you receive property deeds issued to you with research verify the same property. Visit the city where the property property for this file. In addition, the decision on any destruction, ruhsatsal is the founding of whether problems and a problem seen on constructions of seen. Construction completion date, construction ruhsatından construction to information such as who see, earthquake and/or control associated with a search for whether involved in the study. Shown to you the deed to the same independent given independent part with independent parts Department ensure that they show.

to do this deed to the property from the visit ask the project archive file and you see fit and you have the deed to the land registry project with the apartment by independent unit number in the same location, the property is owned by confirmation. (In our country, many owner unwittingly independent partition number error because of the neighbor's apartment. In this case the deed in one of every 10 property owners almost from the beginning. But a problem is not noticed until they're out. Do you have to stay out of your investment in the statistics carefully if you do not understand any of this over the status of employees) by telling you seek help. In addition, in the municipality of the property ' property tax ' debt. Do Basic Research about the structure of the Estate of the region it is located in close proximity to the main arteries, social facilities and the environment (school, park areas, hospitals and the proximity to the SHOPPING MALL..... etc) search for the State to take advantage of the opportunity. Learn    District market place. (after you move in front of your House, you might want to see the market is established, you might not want to, too) If you could open the door to living in apartmansa play and other neighbors in a living and get general information about the building. Paid monthly overhead costs, paid rent, building maintenance in the building of other related issues and whether the problem. (For example you have created unrest in the building adjacent to learn) Meet and talk if a doorman in the building, you can obtain interesting information. The basement of the property clean, damp, observe how it looks.

Evaluate the internal condition of the property, if you essential expenses after receiving them from the beginning measure attempting to thoroughly evaluate and purchase price accordingly. According to the construction quality, made for earthquake, earthquake-do you have a work related to the suitability of building management and the neighborhoods issue by providing a copy of the report if you have read the earthquake study and/or read someone who understands. You can talk to shopkeepers in the area near the property, environment and can provide information about the building. 

  Be sure you are getting a bank loan the Bank loan that they are getting a lot of attention to the contract you're supposed to read and understand the problem, the loan amount points, terms of payment, the price of the file or the contents of such general expenses, procedures (for example, the amount of the mortgage and debts will be placed on the relationship) varies according to bank your bank ask for detailed information about this charge, the Bank commissioned a valuation (appraisal) request and a copy of the report, read report, certainly. The company licensed companies valuation whether ask your Bank and working with unlicensed companies unlicensed firms is the cause and do not accept responsibility for the problem, if there's a problem and ask for your written statement. If there's anything you'd like to ask the Bank to tell them you want to get in touch with an appraisal firm and direct your questions to the company, do not let go, without satisfaction of replies (after all, it is very important that the reports of reliable appraisal, for example when you see a property you receive property; you are buying the correct part numbers have the property that is independent of, the municipalities or the property deed is that there's a problem in the firm made false appraisal because of the damage in its entirety. Not me, can happen to you at any moment, so competent and adequate valuation experts prefer working with banks) other important Topics you get real estate kiracılı is made with tenants before buying the lease review. Kiracıyla meeting in person is lawfully evicted tenant or discharge the contract with in the commitment you must watch for the dates required.   

If you are considering buying property after buying out the tenant if you want to you after purchase is legal and duly consult a lawyer to make a statement. On the property you if anyone experienced before taking her own electricity, water, gas, held the tenant deposit of debts, such as membership fees, return you to take the necessary measures, in consultation with the previous owner. A construction contractor times are getting his money from real estate, granted by making a contract, your contract end dates and materials for individual to use the required amount of compensation should the extra typing.   

You can get during the estate Deed fees ' transfer fee ' must declare by calculating and through acquisition to put up. Because your statement is missing suspended for trading fees paid will get back to you as well. This new regulation is too tight. What Are The Features That Affect The Price Of Housing As A Result? Basic examples of Topics: Location, location, House size (net and gross) are social facilities, views, access to exploit the situation, Construction quality, the identity of the person or company who built the property, the property's proximity to the area and access to social facilities, the amount of overhead, Land, building, generator, Elevator, water tank, parking in the property whether or not, fireplace, barbecue, balcony exists, whether or not such facilities, indoor and outdoor pool (Social facilities, sports fields and facilities such as meeting rooms, around the park-garden adds value to social areas like housing), has benefited from other social facilities of the property, the property type of the property's cost overhead of warming to the owners of the property where the load, floor, daylight facilities, location within the property structure, harmony with its surroundings or incompatibility of the estate, other neighbors who prefer to invest in identity and the reasons for the choice the precedent of square meters sales fees. Basically based on them even though the price, apart from the buildings and structures located in the project, according to the State of residence may change the value. 

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