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Conditions Of Use For Didim Market

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Sartname İlan Açıklaması terms of use;    General rules related to the site and legal responsibilities and Privacy Principles and Policies constitutes a whole with Membership entitled the text. Member, prior to proceeding with these terms of use and Privacy Principles and should carefully read the membership terms. If any of the specified conditions is not appropriate in your you/we recommend that you use. If you use means that you accept these conditions in advance.          

Member by filling out the form, including your personal information, terms of use, you agree to the workings., unilaterally, the conditions in these terms of use shall be deemed to be fully or partially determines that it refuse to release membership information provided or is entitled to unpublish.   the conditions below, without any notice at any time, unilaterally changing the contents change, stop, or reserves the right to cancel. Member accepts in advance that this savings., will release on the site has been renewed up to date terms of use, if necessary, will be notified to Members via e-mail. Refurbished actual terms will be effective when posted at and use of the site from then on will depend on the renewed terms of use.  ' u and this page when you visit, we recommend visiting the city. general use and safety regulations is a site open to the public.          

Members information, terms of use, you can use only the designated purposes. The information available on the site without the prior written permission of as in whole or in part, may not be copied, distributed, rented, reproduced, used, modified, stored for future use. All information on this site is the property of          

Individual Members for services, unless otherwise specified in the relevant section, free of charge. Only in the following cases, you can prevent the use of the Member's site,, with all the responsibilities that may arise with this reason 3. persons or competent authorities by can be invoked against all claims for recourse to Member of rights reserved.          

Wrong, incomplete, misleading, non-decency General statements and resumes to the site that contains the photos that are not suitable to be saved, to reach Other resume information and general security of the site, threatening with efforts to use, the site and the software used to block the operation of initiatives,  non-Resume information; private or public announcements, advertising and saving of information for marketing purposes    the deletion of information by third parties, or modification of,    the information contained on the site are partially or completely copied to the use for purposes other than    username and password except for the purpose of use of the site or of the information, such as third party/sharing with. the    is used by non-authorized Member accounts or passwords from being compromised almost immediately when they passed through ' a reporting, ' un members ' passwords, membership in the user names of accounts compromised by third parties is not liable for accepts and commits. 

  Content Usage    This Site, all text, graphics, statistical information and images (' Materials ') is brought to the body by the law on intellectual and artistic works law No. 5846 Misc. charges related to the laws and regulations of all intellectual and industrial property rights, exclusively to .com's written consent any materials contained on the copying, reproduction, distribution or without republication is prohibited. Add the site name and    the same way logo exclusively ' a ' for no reason prior to written and cannot be used without the un, 3. not be available for use by individuals and organizations. Site is exclusively for the use of any other elements contained on the sites or republished or Internet site without the permission of another Web site with links to ' cannot be exported, routing cannot be made. and the database used in the creation and design of all rights related treaties the software in copying or use is strictly prohibited. the    sign, by using the site, Turkish criminal law, Turkish commercial code, the code of obligations, the law on intellectual and artistic works, trademark and Patent rights protection Decree and legal regulations related to the applicable provisions of any legislation the legislation will enter into force in the future and with .com's Site will publish notices in relation to agree. The notices and illegal use of legal, criminal and financial that may arise due to any liability to Member. is open to criticism and comment. All criticism and comments forwarded to our website is the property of, can be used for marketing purposes.

to your computer automatically placed in Information during your computer you need to use the ' u ' cookie (Cookie), called files. These files are not harmful; only the information that you provide to the site using a site more suited to your wishes to be created are used to establish or expand.    Responsibilities ' u users who visit information (time, duration of visit, pages viewed) is followed in order to be able to better serve our members. Information obtained, depending on the privacy principles, with the aim of enriching our content and improve is shared with our business partners. within the site where each type of institution and Member information, news, articles, curriculum and other materials presented does not assume any responsibility related to. Cannot be held responsible for the content. Especially in the resume site Members is responsible for any information recorded to the site. .com's Members find jobs and/or elements etc against liability. All kinds of communication and activity between companies and members of the company and Members are responsible for themselves. to provide information to visitors to help    located with or ilişim (different links to sites on the Internet) and provides visitors with the risks related to this site. any news on the need to make the changes requested, without as ' flour. is committed to comply with the principle of confidentiality. A member of our website users privacy of user information that is collected in our database are responsible for our site from our site, although you're directed through is not responsible for the privacy policy of the site. name and logo are owned by us, in the event of unauthorized use of all legal means we reserve the right to apply to. site link, banner or any through advertising, 3. person's ad on the product or the service does not accept any responsibility. This stepping stone 3. that you have legal relationship with the people, is not a party in any way on our site. ' with any software that uses software and hardware aspects of Subscribers and visitors for any damage due to ' a responsibility cannot be installed.; You are entitled to use all information related to your Membership in connection with your own marketing activities, subject to the conditions of use, confidentiality principles and applicable legal regulations. is not liable for any violation of the obligations of the Member in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policies and Membership Conditions, failure to fulfill obligations at all or as required, violation of laws and regulations as determined by law and other cases, The system has the right to notify the Member to the competent authorities and to terminate the membership if it finds that the system is used contrary to these Terms of Use, the Privacy Principles and the Membership Terms or the law. is free to delete or delete any record of the Member account terminated by the Member, the Member shall not be entitled to any right or compensation for the deleted records. In this case shall be entitled to claim compensation from any Member for any damages suffered and to pay any kind of compensation and  or administrative judicial money which he may have to pay to public institutions and  or third parties for his actions contrary to his obligations, The Member has the right of recourse for the punishment.

Usbu Terms of Use will be in effect when the Member initiates the membership of '' and will remain in force unless terminated due to one of the conditions specified.

Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to settle disputes arising from the application of these Terms of Use.

The Member acknowledges and agrees that he has read, understood, agreed and confirmed the accuracy of the information provided by him in respect of the materials contained in these Terms of Use.

We recommend that you also review the 'Privacy Principles and Membership Requirements' section to learn the principles and practices for protecting the confidentiality of information belonging to our members.

Thank you for your interest and confidence in choosing 

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